About me


Like you already know I created a new blog.
I set it up to share daily outfit ideas and my personal style.
I don't suppose anyone would read it so it's more a
personal documentation of my outfits.
I thought to share my outfits, because planning outfits
and photography is so much fun.

My name is Nina Kruppert, I'm a 21 year old girl
and live in Germany, to be precise near Trier ( the next largest city).
I'm really interested in fashion and blogging and I really love shopping,
as every girl do.

I wouldn't say I have a certain style, it's more a mix of
everything, but hippie, the 90's and boho are my favourite styles.
Also I love everything vintage.

All pictures are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please don't use them whitout my

Some Random Facts:

》I love onlineshopping
》at the moment I work at a holiday park ( just to save money)
》I'm learning dutch
》I love hats and flowercrowns
》I need to visit my mums relatives in Boston
》I can't wait for Halcyon Days to appear
》I love languages, especially english, french and spanish
》I need to improve my french and spanish a lot if I find time
》I'm accepted to universety and the semester starts in october
》I love summer and winter
》I don't like coffee I never drunk it
》The Great Gatsby is the best movie & book Isaw / read in the last time
》It makes me sad that I'm not taller
》I would prefere to live in the 1920's