Saturday, September 28, 2013

Come take a walk on the wild side

Hi guys,

after beeing sick for a few days I have another ootd for you.
This week the weather was again more summary with a couple of sunny hours per day.

So I hope you´ll like it.

If you liked the look you can Hype it below (

Details of this look:

skater skirt: h&m
shirt : h&m
lather vest: h&m
necklace: h&m
wtch: casio
sunglasses: new yorker
heels: danny
belt: primark

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn look

2nd autumn inspired outfit 

now you see my second look for fall. I took the pictures yesterday.
Where I live autumn is normally a really nice season. In the beginning of september it's still quite summary. The days are not to hot but also not cold and there are quite a few sunny hours. Then the leaves begin to turn colourful which I think  is the best time. The trees look so beautiful and because I live near forests the landscape becomes so pretty.

But this year it seemed like this part was left out which is sadly.

The sunny days turned soon into rainy days and it didn't stopped till now.
The sky is most of the time  grey and I hate the cold weather, the most worst is the fog.

Here you see the sunrise in autumn: 

And as I told you the pictures of my autumn inspired outfit:

jumper| zara 
Velvet skater skirt| ebay
Hat| h&m
Flatforms| h&m

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ombré Hair


in this post I will show you the hair products I bought in the last days.

Last year I made some experiments with hair colors and tried different colors and also the ombré look. I started with blond at the bottom and on the top I had some brown and copper tones, then I changed to darker red and now it's a mix of wine red and brown and I had to cut the tips so the blond is nearly away.

At my present job I wasn't allowed to dye my hair in loud colours. But in 2 weeks my contract ends and I'm only a temporary worker again because my study begins.

Step one will be:

For the top I choosed again a copper tone which I think is perfect for autumn and the bottom will be dyed in blond.

Step two:

Dying the tips in pastel pink or cotton candy. I tell you I'm so excited for the result.
But the last step will be made in 2 weeks.

Below you see the colours and brands from the products I bought.

The brands are Syoss : warm copper 6-76  and intensive plus brightener 12-0

And Directions in Pastel Pink

Has anyone tried the directions hair colour? If you want you can leave a comment whith your experiences with them.

Hope you enjoyed it and a post about the outcome follows in a couple of weeks.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Romwe Leggings part 2 - Out in Space

Hey you stylish people out there,

hope you guys had a good start of the week.

This is my first outfit post for autumn 2013.

I wanted to show you the leggings I won from the Romwe contest by Instagram.

So this will be the second part of the Romwe Leggins collection.

I also added a biker jacket to make the outfit more interesting.

Hope you´ll like it :)

leggings: romwe
High heels: primark
oversized tshirt
leather jacket
beanie: fbnzttlclothing

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Play it loud

I needed to show you my latest purchases!
A few days ago I found these beautiful black 
dungarees at h&m. I didn't search for a pair but as I saw it I directly 
fell in love with them. Paired with the bag I brought from Amsterdam
the look is one of my favourites.


Hello my dears,


today I finally found some time to photograph my ootd for you.

I really missed the sunny weather the last days but this week the summer will arrive again for a time hope it stays warm a lot more days! I do not get along that the summer should already be over...
So I enjoyed my day off and had a nice time.
Here is one more summer outfit for you I hope you like it.

It´s a rose lace dress.
You find the details below.

                                                     here you can see the flowerpattern:

Primark Haul

Hi Guys,

I thought you might be interested in a haul.

I was in Primark and bought a few things, so it´s just going to be a small one.
You should know I searched  a few autumn  things.

Hope you enjoy it.