Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Festival Season

Hello everyone,

as the festival season started now I thought it would be interesting for you

if I'd show you a few inspirations and items you can wear and which I like.

Definitely you'll need some boots, sandals, highwaisted shorts, skirts,

harem pants, jumpuits, rompers, cropped tops, maxi dresses,

kimonos, a lot of colorful accessories, a big bag or backpack,

a hat and sunnies. And in case of rain pack also a raincoat

(better be prepared for every weather).

Unfortunately I can't be at coachella but I'm totally in the

festival mood. So here we go. I hope this post is a little help for you.

I begin with the bits I found at :

Next I continue with :

Then I found some really cute stuff at :

Finally I found some really nice pieces at :

Of course there are a lot of more sides and shops where 
you can buy essentials for the festival season but I just wanted
to give you a quick insight of what is new.

So I hope you´ll have a lot of fun and a great festival time!

Write me in the comments to which festival you´re going.

Nina, x