Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer Bracelets

So this post is all about colourful arm accessories.

This week I tidyed up my sisters' old room and found my old jewellery box.

It was so exciting to open it and find some really cool  summer bracelets like

chokers and friendship bracelets I wore a long time ago. I collected them

as I were younger and could not get enough of them I almost had them in

all colours. They are just perfect to add to basic outfits and make the whole

look more colourful. They also add a special summer feeling. I think

I need to get some new bracelets next time.

Did you guys also hear of this new trend - Loom Bands/ Rainbow Loom

My cousin made me the blue one and I really like to wear it.

Originally this trend comes from the USA.

Rainbow Loom is a toy loom that is used to weave the colourful rubber 

bands into bracelets. 

Don't you think they are a great summer essential and brighten up every outfit?

Write me in the comments below if you also like chokers and loom bands.

Nina, x