Friday, August 08, 2014

All about pastels |outfit idea|

Hey my lovelies,

today I had a new categorie idea for my blog.

I tried a new app and I am sooo addicted to it already. 

It is so much fun to explore and create your own outfits.

I literally cannot stop constructing other collages.

This one ist my first attempt. Since a few days the weather is

so bad.  It even feels like I could not resist

and match some pastel clothes with some cute accessories.

If I got the chance I would definitely wear this outfit.

I already have the same top (in white and pastel lilac) and 

they go so great with a high waisted tropical printed pair of shorts.

To make it more special and unique I chose one of the beautiful

grafea backpacks in lilac and some chunky white high heals.

Of course a colourful flowercrown, some golden nucklerings and

white sunglasses could not be missing in this outfit.

Top - ||
Shorts - ||
Shoes - ||
Backpack - ||
Nucklerings - ||
Sunglasses - ||

Hope you like this new categorie,

Nina, x