Friday, September 13, 2013

Ombré Hair


in this post I will show you the hair products I bought in the last days.

Last year I made some experiments with hair colors and tried different colors and also the ombré look. I started with blond at the bottom and on the top I had some brown and copper tones, then I changed to darker red and now it's a mix of wine red and brown and I had to cut the tips so the blond is nearly away.

At my present job I wasn't allowed to dye my hair in loud colours. But in 2 weeks my contract ends and I'm only a temporary worker again because my study begins.

Step one will be:

For the top I choosed again a copper tone which I think is perfect for autumn and the bottom will be dyed in blond.

Step two:

Dying the tips in pastel pink or cotton candy. I tell you I'm so excited for the result.
But the last step will be made in 2 weeks.

Below you see the colours and brands from the products I bought.

The brands are Syoss : warm copper 6-76  and intensive plus brightener 12-0

And Directions in Pastel Pink

Has anyone tried the directions hair colour? If you want you can leave a comment whith your experiences with them.

Hope you enjoyed it and a post about the outcome follows in a couple of weeks.

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