Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn look

2nd autumn inspired outfit 

now you see my second look for fall. I took the pictures yesterday.
Where I live autumn is normally a really nice season. In the beginning of september it's still quite summary. The days are not to hot but also not cold and there are quite a few sunny hours. Then the leaves begin to turn colourful which I think  is the best time. The trees look so beautiful and because I live near forests the landscape becomes so pretty.

But this year it seemed like this part was left out which is sadly.

The sunny days turned soon into rainy days and it didn't stopped till now.
The sky is most of the time  grey and I hate the cold weather, the most worst is the fog.

Here you see the sunrise in autumn: 

And as I told you the pictures of my autumn inspired outfit:

jumper| zara 
Velvet skater skirt| ebay
Hat| h&m
Flatforms| h&m

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