Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Summer Essentials - Kimono

Hi my lovelies,

an new month has begun- it is already august!

In the last couple of days I have noticed a lot of beautiful kimonos in different

 shops. Last year I kind of disliked and ignored this trend but currently

I cannot pass a shop without looking for their kimonos.

 I love to wear them this season. They are so flowy and soft

 - just perfect for summer. They are also a great piece to add colour

to a more basicle outfit. I am so in love with the cute details of

 kimonos like fringes and bright colours. The following kimonos

are some of my favourites at the moment. I hope you like this post

because I planned to do a few further posts about summer essentials.

all kimonos are from sheinside

Nina, x